We have changed our name but not what we do...

This company was known as Digital Hearing Systems Corporation from 1977 until the end of 2012. We developed the earliest multi-station computer controlled audiometers and now have the most flexible ones on the market.

In January 2013 our name changed to Hearing Test Resources LLC to reflect the range of products and services we provide for occupational audiometric monitoring; a key component of any hearing conservation program. See the links below for details.

Our products are now marketed under the DHSC Instruments brand.

I expect you came here because you care about protecting hearing...and especially for people who work in noisy places. I'm a long-time occupational audiologist who is ready to help you do just that...

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Freedom!(tm) multi-station wireless occupational audiometric system





Freedom! Product information sheet

See how quick and easy it is to use - 3 minute video

Field deployed for over 5 years

Installation and training available on-site or via phone

SMARTaudiometer and Audiometric Data Master support



Hearing Test Resources LLC

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